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Public meeting about the future of Hôtel Dieu is a big success

Public meeting about the future of Hôtel Dieu is a big success

May 20, 2016.

There were close to 400 people at last night's public meeting concerning the future of Hôtel Dieu hospital.

A broad coalition of community organizations have been working for 3 years on a plan to develop the site. That coalition now has concrete plans and has met with the Minister of Health, the Mayor, and representatives from the Minister Responsible for the Métropole. Plans are afoot to meet with representatives of the federal government and other relevant agencies.

A petition calling on Quebec Premier Philippe Couillard was signed by hundreds present. Speakers called on those present to participate in large numbers in the public hearings on Hôtel Dieu.

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Clock from Concordia University

The clock shows a continuous countdown of the time remaining before we breach the 1.5 and 2°C climate targets (you can see the clock online at:, with the aim of putting the urgency of the climate challenge clearly into the public consciousness.  Every year the clock will be stopped and re-set based on the latest scientific data; we can add time to the clock, but only if we work collectively and measure our progress against the targets that we have set for ourselves.