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Two university students from Concordia, Brendan King Edwards and Julien Poirier-Malo, have created a website that tells the story of our community through interactive pictures, interviews, a timeline, and more! You can check it out at They currently have a kickstarter campaign to help raies money here.


Some pictures from the celebration of CMP’s 35th anniversary and Lucia’s 80th birthday.

On July 1st, the Milton Park Community celebrated its 35th anniversary at the MAI community centre. We also celebrated Lucia Kowaluk's 80th birthday as well as her induction to the Order of Canada last year and the Order of Quebec this year. Congratulations Lucia!

Thanks to Charles Primeau and Michel Carrara for the photos!

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A word from our president regarding Parc Oxygène

Hello everyone,

We've received bad news regarding Parc Oxygène. The Superior Court refused to grant us the safeguard order we asked for to prevent the issuance of a building permit to the developer who wants to replace the  green area that local citizens have created and maintained for over 20 year. For your information, the park was destroyed the morning of June 26th.

For the CMP board, this defeat marks the end of their efforts to defend Parc Oxygène. The board was unanimous on this issue: we had gone to the end of our resources. Therefore, we have asked our lawyer to take the necessary measures to put an end to this case. I remind you that it was a lawyer who worked pro-bono and had said from the start that he would not be available for more than we can pay.

Obviously, this is a sad day for the whole community, and it will take time to grieve. In the meantime, we must sincerely thank our neighbours on Rue Hutchison, the members of the Coop La Petite Hutchison, and all of  the others who have campaigned for years for the defense and maintenance of the park, especially in recent months. Thank you also to the groups and individuals who have financially supported the defense of the park.

Even though we lost, I think we can be proud of the mobilization effort that was deployed in support of the Park. We proved that we are still able to mobilize and fight to defend our ideals.

Thank you all for your cooperation,

Alanna Dow, President.

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